Washington was the CEO of Shadyco, a company that sold vegetables wholesale to restaurants. He was in charge of ensuring that the operations ran smoothly and that the products were kept in a safe condition. Washington paid little attention to the day-to-day operations of his company’s five warehouses and as a result, the food became contaminated and several people got food-borne illnesses. However, Washington had no knowledge of the unsafe condition of the food and no intent to contaminate anyone. Under these circumstances, Washington may

be convicted of a crime based on malice theory.

be convicted of a crime based on the responsible corporate officer doctrine.

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not be convicted of a crime as he lacked the required intent.

not be convicted of a crime as he lacked the required negligence

2.) Jill was very angry at Axel. She summoned him to her office and told him that he was a terrible employee and had been stealing money from the company. There was no one else in the office at the time, but Axel was very offended as Jill was intentionally lying about him. Jill has committed

no defamation tort.



. libel.

3.) Big Truck Motors (BTM) advertised in its brochures that its trucks had dent proof bumpers. Bubba bought a BTM truck in reliance upon this promise. Bubba said nothing about how he would use the truck to the dealer, just that he wanted the best truck money could buy. When his boat trailer detached and smacked into the back of his truck, the bumper was badly dented. Bubba can sue under a theory of

intentional tort.


implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

express warranty.

4.) Maria is the CFO of a company being investigated by the SEC for various alleged violations. Each of the following would constitute an obstruction of justice except

shredding her personal calendar and appointment book.

ordering her secretary to lie if she is questioned. refusing to answer questions and invoking the Fifth Amendment.

changing some figures on documents used to support filed financial statements.

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