Hiroko is the administrative assistant for Wally, the general manager of City Cars, a group of vehicle dealerships with locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Hiroko is based at the head office in Sydney. She will be taking maternity leave shortly, so Wally has asked her to prepare detailed notes covering each of her major responsibilities.

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One of these responsibilities is to coordinate several important meetings. Hiroko organises the bi-monthly board meetings, the fortnightly meetings between department heads at the Sydney location, and the monthly meetings between the operations managers of each site.

The board meeting routinely includes discussion of the current sales performance for each location and each department, review of the latest financial results, decisions on any facility changes, and status reports on proposed new Service Department locations. Each meeting may also include different items depending on current business concerns.

The department meeting includes a short report on sales versus expenses target for each manager, staffing issues, sharing information on key initiatives for each department, training initiatives and updates for the managers from Wally and the operations manager Donald, to the rest of the team.

The Operations managers meetings include a finance report, sales report and discussion of key concerns and initiatives. Murray Naismith attends to present the Finance Report. Other managers are invited as required by discussion items on the agenda.

As well as writing detailed work instructions, Hiroko decides to create templates for each of the major documents.

The board members are:

Wally Spychala Chairman and general manager, City Cars

Francine Spychala Treasurer

Donald Spychala Operations manager, City Cars Sydney

Graeme Bryar Board member

Eva Phlorides Board member

Christine Chandra Board member

Administrative assistant/secretary (currently performed by Hiroko)

The Operations managers are:

Donald Spychala Operations manager, City Cars Sydney

Greg Spiteri Operations manager, City Cars Melbourne

John Robinson Operations manager, City Cars Adelaide

The Department managers are:

Donald Spychala Operations manager, City Cars Sydney

Adem Ali New car sales manager

Margaret Grinsted Used car sales manager

Mark Edwards Service manager

Denise Farfalla Marketing manager

Trevor Cash Parts manager

Murray Naismith Finance manager

  1. List the types of meeting and their purposes and the ways that meetings can be conducted.
  1. What does a meeting code of practice cover, and why do organisations have them?
  1. What legal or ethical requirements does the organisation have to adhere to when organising the various types of meetings and how they do this? Provide examples of documentation or instances where procedure and protocol is followed in order to satisfy legal requirements.
  1. List the requirements that you would need to know prior to organising a meeting.
  1. List the resources that may be required for a meeting.
  1. Prepare work instructions for coordinating the Board Meeting, including:
  • issuing notices
  • issuing agenda
  • circulating documents in advance of the board meeting
  • issuing minutes
  • following-up action items.
  1. Prepare templates for:
  • notice of the board meeting
  • minutes for the department managers meeting
  • agenda for the operations managers meeting.
  1. Prepare a sample agenda for the operations managers meeting to be held at the Melbourne location at 10.00 a.m. on 14 November 2016 which Hiroko could include in the work instructions as an example.

9. What kinds of logistical arrangements might Hiroko need to make for the operation managers meeting? Prepare a checklist which covers these items.


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