La Casa De Papel (aka Money Heist) is a Spanish television series created for Spanish nationals. It was created by a Spanish network called Athena 3 for its local audience. It gained popularity after its run and hence Netflix has decided to buy the airing rights to this show so that they could put the show up in their catalogue for the international audience to see.
Since Netflix had recently launched in Bangladesh, the company needs a way to promote its platform to the people of Bangladesh. Netflix is about to release Season 5 of the show and hence has decided to use this opportunity to do TWO things: Promote the Netflix platform so that they could get more people of Bangladesh to sign up and also promote the show.
Netflix is looking for an agency to help them with the aforementioned scenario.

You have just graduated from North South University and opened up an advertising agency where you help brands/companies not just with their advertising needs but also with brand strategies.

Q1/ The brand manager of Netflix Bangladesh has just called you to set up a meeting, Describe the process you will go through from the very first meeting that you have with Netflix to the last meeting where you deliver them your finished-work? (10 marks) – max 250 words *

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Q2/ You need a Source for your promotion. Talk about the process of choosing a good source that will help you promote the Netflix platform and also the show. (10 marks) – max 250 words *

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