For this assignment, I would like you to design the integrated marketing channels for the product you designed earlier in this course. The product designed is swimsuits for children for a company called Little Tots. Use the example below and sketch out an ideal distribution model to help your product get to market. flowchart of different levels of marketing channels Please see below for the instructions on this assignment: Please sketch out a 0-level, 1-level, and 2-level distribution system for your product. Please include the possible names of channel partners you plan to use at each level. Out of the 3 distribution systems, which do you feel is the most crucial to the success of your product launch? Why? In the 2- and 3-level distribution system model, which type of retailers do you think will most likely be the most effective at reaching your target market? Why? Can you connect to secondary data to support this? What value will each of the distribution partners provide to you? What value will they provide to your target market?
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