Process mapping is a workflow or flow chart diagram, which illustrates a clearer picture for us to understand the series of process flows or even parallel processes in delivering our products or services.

Case study:

Auditor Forum allows its customers to access their blood test reports through the Internet. At the time of payment, the system creates a unique user ID and password which is printed on the payment receipt. The customer is allowed to log on to Auditor Forum’s website on or after the specified date, to access the report. After logging on to the website the customer is required to input his email address after which the system automatically sends the test report to that email address.

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After sending the email, the system automatically signs off the customer and displays the message: “Your report has been sent to your email address.”

If the customer tries to log on before the report receiving date, the system displays the message:

“Your report would be available on the date specified on your payment receipt.”

The user ID and password are valid only for fifteen days after the date on which the report becomes available.

Consider the case study and construct a cross-functional process mapping or process flow by using a dedicated symbol or shape

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