Divorce law research

Divorce law research.

These questions deal only with your specific state and the county in which you will be working.

Please create a list of what will be required for the following:

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  1. An uncontested divorce with children. For your final project, you will be given income information for a fictional couple so you are to also research support guidelines in your jurisdiction and provide me with a cite where you will be able to calculate a support award.
  2. A verified complaint for a contested divorce.

Your list should be a step-by-step process of how to complete (1) an uncontested divorce with children; and (2) a contested divorce.

For example, your county may require the complaint, two affidavits, proof of service, or other documents. You are to list each step and describe in detail what needs to be done in each case. Be sure to keep track of your info, as you will need it later to complete this project. Be specific. Also list for the uncontested divorce with children where I might find the support guidelines in your jurisdiction and demonstrate for me that you will be able to calculate a support award.

Divorce law research

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