crossword puzzle, business and finance homework help

crossword puzzle, business and finance homework help.

How to complete this Crossword Puzzle assignment

Step 1. Provided for you is a layout of the crossword puzzle and the questions below for you to answer to complete the puzzle. Click on this link to access the crossword puzzle.Crossword Puzzle 06-06-16View in a new window.

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Step 2. Use the layout of the Crossword puzzle and read the questions carefully to complete or fill in each square.

  • Odd numbers questions are left-to-right and can be frontwards and backwards.
  • Even number questions are Up-and-Down and can be frontwards or backwards.
  • Some squares will have letters in them already for clues.

Step 3. There are multiple ways you can submit this assignment depending on your capabilities and resources available to you. You can not re-submit after I have given you the answers to the ones you missed.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (pdf format)
  • Create your own word or text file (lets you save as .pdf, .txt, doc. or docx)
  • Create your own Excel file (lets you save as .pdf)
ACROSS (answers are left-to-right and/or backwards and forward. Hyphens included)
1 the ability to think in abstract terms
3 a manager who implements the strategy and major policies developed by top management
5 a manager who coordinates and supervises the activities of operating employees
7 a handheld tablet computing device from Apple Inc.
9 well known internet search engine (browser)
11 the discrepancy between an actual condition and a desired condition
13 page 366,1st paragraph, line 6, second word.
15 A California based vehicle manufacturer, recently developed a prototype electric vehicle
17 a person or organization purchasing a franchise
19 a program-length televised commercial message resembling an entertainment or consumer affairs program
21 an international barter transaction
23 an upper-level executive who guides and controls the overall fortunes of an organization
25 a payment in addition to wages, salary, or commissions.
27 a specific skill needed to accomplish a specialized activity.
29 the ability to influence others
31 the act of choosing one alternative from among a set of alternatives
33 a manager who is primarily responsible for an organization’s financial resources
35 a manager who is not associated with any specific functional area but who provides overall administrative guidance and leadership
DOWN (answers are up or down, backwards and forward)
2 process of finding outside vendors and suppliers that provide professional help, parts, or materials at a lower cost
4 this hand held device combines an iPod, a Tablet, Camera and a Cellular phone.
6 the coordination of efforts directed at improving customer satisfaction, increasing employee participation, strengthening supplier partnerships, and facilitating an organizational atmosphere of continuous quality improvement.
8 a manager who is responsible for facilitating the exchange of products between an organization and its customer or client
10 number of this course that disguising’s it from all other courses.
12 a role (skills) in which the manager deals with people
14 warehouse material handling retailer
16 can sell everything from TV’s, toys, and tools to computers, cameras, and clothing.
18 the development of a plan for converting an idea into an actual product or service
20 a temporary work stoppage by employees
22 a manager who manages the systems that convert resources into goods and services

crossword puzzle, business and finance homework help

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