Critical Literature Review – 21st Century Leadership

Critical Literature Review – 21st Century Leadership.

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Purpose of the Assessment

The purpose of this assignment is to write a critical literature review on the topic of “21st Century Leadership.”

It is essential that you are able to critically review literature as this is a key component of master’s level work.

This assignment also requires you to read and analyse a range of academic materials, again a key component of master’s level study.

It is important that you can demonstrate your ability to read widely and that you are able to discuss, analyse and critically analyse the research that you use in your work.

As a masters level business student it is also essential that your knowledge is up to date in relation to key business issues and that you can reach evidence based conclusions in your writing. This means that all of your writing is supported by quality academic material and is correctly Harvard Referenced.

Assessment Task

Using 21st Century leadership as a basis for your literature review, outline the key academic themes on this topic. Using good quality academic sources you should outline the following:

  • What are the predicted key competencies for 21st century leaders? How are these similar or different to classical leadership capabilities?
  • What are the underlying causes of changes to leadership competencies?
  • Compare, contrast, synthesise and critically analyse the academic research on this topic.
  • Present an overall, evidence based conclusion on the topic.

You must write a 2,500 word critical literature review on this topic. You must use good quality academic sources to give an overview of 21st Century Leadership, such as academic journals and quality practitioner materials and sources. You must discuss and critique the sources that you use in order to reach evidence based conclusions.

You are required to use good quality academic sources throughout your work to support your arguments.

A critical literature review requires you to look at good quality research on your chosen topic to give an overview of the research in this area. This will require you to discuss academic definitions, identify key themes in the literature, and discuss the potential applications and implications of the literature and to show that you understand the quality of the sources that you are using.

Complete your discussions with an overall conclusion which is based on and referenced with quality academic material.

Your work must be fully Harvard referenced and include a separate reference list at the back of your work.

You can access support for critical writing, writing literature reviews and master’s level writing, referencing and other academic guidance on the skills hub:

Assessment Breakdown

You work will be marked against the level 7 marking criteria.

Critical Literature Review – 21st Century Leadership

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