Creating a Sustainable Learning Organization, management homework help

Creating a Sustainable Learning Organization, management homework help.

Leaders are charged with shaping organizations. This implies that their actions should encourage a high level of sustainability by encouraging continuing growth and learning. If members of an organization are encouraged to be creative and consider innovative approaches to business, the level of sustainability will be high. As you review the resources this week, continue your research in the Walden Library and prepare your Discussion posting, contemplate the following:

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Consider the different organizations and businesses that you have been associated with and reflect on the organizational culture of each. Do you consider them to be learning organizations? Why or why not?

What could have been done differently to encourage an environment of learning?

What is the difference between an organizational culture and a learning organization? How can a manager affect each?

Note: You do not need to directly answer these points in your Discussion post as they serve only to begin your thinking process; however, you must explain your reasoning as you formulate your formal response.

Now, the following:

  • What are similarities and differences between developing a sustainable, learning team versus developing a sustainable learning organization?
  • As a manager, how can you best impact the 5 levels of leadership? How does each of the 5 levels of leadership influence performance and commitment?
  • If you were assigned to create a plan for allowing the teams within your organization to be self-managing teams, what would you recommend? What is the relationship between self-management and sustainability?


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Creating a Sustainable Learning Organization, management homework help

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