Corporate PErformance Systems and Balance Scorecard

Corporate PErformance Systems and Balance Scorecard.

Please complete both questions to the best of your ability.

There is a 2,000-word limit for your submission in its entirety. While I am imagining responses in the range of 1,000 words each, you are free to distribute the 2,000-word total between the questions as you wish.

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Please strictly adhere to this word limit. Papers amounting to fewer than 2,000 words are allowed. Creative use of examples, anecdotes, hypotheticals, graphics, cartoons, pictures etc. to help you make your points is encouraged. Words that appear in quotes or in supporting materials like graphics, cartoons etc. will not be included in the word count. Please do not plagiarize. Please follow the format set out below.

Format 1. Times New Roman Font, 12 point, single spaced

2. One inch margins all around

3. Name and page number at bottom right as shown below

4. Please paste in your answers below each question

5. Point form is acceptable as long as this does not interrupt logical flow The Questions (2,000 word total limit)

1. Your boss has just asked you about our course and what went on in it. Please respond by discussing the main features of corporate performance systems, why they are necessary and important and provide an example of what can happen when they fail.

2. Your boss has just asked you about the balanced scorecard part of our course. Please respond by presenting in summary form the salient components of the balanced scorecard approach, highlighting how it is different from other strategic analyses and what it contributes that enables it to enhance corporate performance?

Please see the attached files for some review notes

Corporate PErformance Systems and Balance Scorecard

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