Continuing Education Plan, Accounting assignment help

Continuing Education Plan, Accounting assignment help.

Since you are in the process of completing your AAS degree, you may feel that you are finished with classrooms and studying for a while. In reality, even if you don’t wish to pursue your Bachelor’s degree, you will still need to decide how you are going to keep current about changes in your industry and ensure your education stays relevant in our ever-changing business atmosphere.

Create a continuing education plan. This could include formal coursework, seminars and workshops, a mentoring program, individual professional reading, or self-paced competency style courses offered by various professional organizations. Topics can be related to bookkeeping, payroll preparation, office management, leadership and teambuilding, technical skills or anything else that may add value to your position as a new accountant. This should be a living, working document that you can add to, adjust, and share with your manager or mentor for advice and assistance in helping you achieve your career goals. Share your plan with the class. Also address the following:

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  • How important do you feel it is to continue your education or participate in professional development opportunities?
  • Is this something you will do once you are in the workforce? Why or why not?

Continuing Education Plan, Accounting assignment help

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