Conscious Capitalism: The Value of Building People-Centered Organizations

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In many organizations, being “people-centered” is considered soft, irrelevant, and unrelated to profitability. Contemplate the Conscious Capitalism principles (i.e. conscious leadership, stakeholder orientation, conscious culture, and higher purpose) as a framework and consider at least two companies that have successfully adopted this business philosophy to gain success and combat traditional corporate approaches.

How do these companies embody the tenet of “higher purpose” and create deeper meaning by focusing their goals beyond profits and inspiring their stakeholders? What connections can you identify between the four principles of Conscious Capitalism and the Christian concept of putting others before oneself?

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Use the following resources, but you must come up with your own companies, not the ones listed in the references. Use APA format and cite peer reviewed/educational sources.

Possible References

1. “Conscious Capitalism” Is Not an Oxymoron

Read “‘Conscious Capitalism’ Is Not an Oxymoron,” by Macket and Sisodia, from Harvard Business Review (2013).

2. John Mackey: Why Companies Should Embrace Conscious Capitalism

Read “John Mackey: Why Companies Should Embrace Conscious Capitalism,” by Schwabel, from Forbes (2013).

3. The 4 Principles of “Conscious Capitalism”

Read “The 4 Principles of ‘Conscious Capitalism,’” by Anderson, from Entrepreneur (2015).

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