Complete Anthropology Discussion Responses

Complete Anthropology Discussion Responses.

Please respond to two classmates posts, PLEASE SEPARATE EACH RESPONSE


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By participating in the religious rituals of their society, people express a sense of togetherness, unity, and belonging. This group aspect of religious practice fosters deeper loyalty to one’s society. To be sure, all reli­gions include rituals that individuals may perform for their own benefit: private prayer to petition the spirits and gods for aid; magic to achieve the same ends more coercively; taboos that are followed to avoid misfortune; and positive acts that foster luck, skill, and safety (Crapo, 2013).

I consider myself a fairly religious person. To answer the question of whether or not Native Americans should be able to perform their ceremonies while incarcerated or in prison, I don’t believe there is a direct yes or no that can be associated with that question. There are several underlying factors that must be justified prior to granting some of these privileges. First and foremost, the safety of prisoners in addition to that of the guards must be thoroughly considered. For example, “Prison officials are concerned that sweat lodges and medicine pouches, normally off-limits to non-Indians, could be used to conceal contraband weapons or drugs. They fear that long hair might help inmates escape by making it easy for them to change the way they look, (Dellios, 1993).” I am all for human rights as discussed during week 1 of the course as I have a sister that is currently imprisoned. On the same token, I believe that committing crimes and being incarcerated there are certain liberties that are forfeited, because safety and funding have to be considered. I do however believe that the same liberties should be granted for all religions on an even and just playing field. If you do for one, you must do for the other.

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Currently I am a part of the Episode Community. To summarize what the episode community is, we are writers on this very popular app called Episode Choose Your Story. The community gives writers an opportunity to get to know each other, ask for help, share ideas, and socialize. I have been a part of this community for about four years now and I really enjoy being a part of it.

The social control mechanisms that are applied in our group are socialization, rewards, and gossip and social pressure.


When socializing in the episode community I’ve realized that we all have our own set of morals and principles “Moral values are the attitudes or rules that govern our relationships with our fellow human beings” (Crapo, 2013).


In the episode community we all like to stay positive and give credit when credit is due “The praise and esteem of other members of the community is one such reward” (Crapo, 2013).

Gossip and Social Pressure

Although most of the time in the episode community we are positive, things can take a huge turn and sometimes we can get a little negative. In the episode community, sometimes we tend to gossip and gossiping leads to arguments within our community. Which makes more and more people in the community dislike each other “Most people value the esteem of others, so gossip and community pressure can be a powerful force in keeping people in line. The key to the effectiveness of gossip is that word eventually gets back to the person being criticized” (Crapo, 2013)


Crapo, Richley. H. (2013) Cultural Anthropology Retrieved from

Complete Anthropology Discussion Responses

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