Company Selection, Course Project help

Company Selection, Course Project help.

We can use the previous GR project (you did for me) and just edit it for this course it is also attached

Module 02 Course Project – Company Selection

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It is time to select a company for your Strategic Management Plan. In 1-2 paragraphs provide a brief description of the organization you selected and the reason why you chose that particular company.

Write to the Rubric grading below (it is also attached in excel form)

Rubric Criteria





Provides a description of the organization selected for the course project. Company selected must be publicly traded and not your current employer. Description must be at least three sentences.



Provides rational as to why that particular company was chosen. Rational must be at least three sentences.



Completes a reference page with at least six (6) company related references.



Meets page requirement (required APA components e.g. cover page, direct quotes and reference page do not count toward page requirement) and includes APA formatting, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar

The references I will pull from the completed paper from the previous project

Company Selection, Course Project help

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