Capstone Discussion Case Assignment (3 pages)

Capstone Discussion Case Assignment (3 pages).

This assignment contains 2 parts. Part 1 is to read the case and answer question. Part 2 is response to 2 posts of my classmates which will upload when they post it on blackboard.

Part 1:

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Read “Southwest Airlines in 2014: Culture, Values, and Operating Practices” (In Textbook pp. 392-429) (I have attached the ppt. pics of Southwest case below.)

Questions: How does Southwest Airlines allocate ample resources to strategy-critical activities? Give specific examples from the Southwest Airlines case study. (answer this question base on the case given) (Paragraph Minimum of Two Paragraphs – 2 pages).

The key to this discussion board will be to tie your post to the material in the textbook, Chapter 10. (I have attached the ppt. of chapter 10 below, but If you need pics of chapter 10 in textbook, pls tell me.)

Part 2:

Then Respond to Two Threads (0.5 page for each respond) that discuss topics other than your own thread. Analyze the thread posting, and evaluate the strength of your classmates’ argument, based upon your reading of the case. Does the thread you are analyzing make sense to you? Why or why not? State your reasons, based on the case, for your argument. Please add value to the discussion and do not simply agree with the thread.

Capstone Discussion Case Assignment (3 pages)

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