business law final drafts Contract Issues

business law final drafts Contract Issues.

Sadly, it is time to close this chapter on your transaction with Mr. Barker. All of your hard work of negotiating and settling the terms of the agreement are in the final stage.

For this last part of the course project, you need to submit the final draft of your contract:

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  • Review the feedback you received on your rough draft and incorporate it into your final draft.
  • Be sure to check for all of the elements and proofread your final document for proper grammar and mechanics.
  • You want to be certain that you covered all of the requirements so that you can collect your money (or maybe just an A on the project).

FINAL DRAFTS everything you need is attached below you will be working with Contract Issues you must go over everything and change it for the better i did not get a great grade on part two and i need an A i also added the teacher short comments so make sure you change everything she said and then some to make it better

business law final drafts Contract Issues

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