Business is Hot Dog City, assignment help

Business is Hot Dog City, assignment help.

Week 4

SBE 440

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5 to 6 pages

Businees is Hot Dog City

A draft of the plan to date is a graded assignment due by the end of Week 4 that includes the following elements: (1) company description and product/service offered; (2) industry analysis; (3) management plans (4) market analysis; and (5) marketing plan.

Course Project – Draft of Plan to Date Due including Management Structure

This assignment must be in prose format, with a separate APA title page and proper indentation of the first line of each paragraph. All information from other sources should be cited in the body of the paper and properly referenced.

A draft of your business plan to date must be completed by the end of Week 4. It should include the following.

a company description

an industry analysis

a management plan

a market analysis (for your target market)

a marketing and sales plan

Include in your draft plan a description of your proposed management structure. Include a plan to acquire needed management resources; describe any outsourced functions and why you think it is a good idea to outsource them. If your company will have more than ten employees, include an organization chart.

Instructor feedback on this assignment should be considered in your final business plan.

Business is Hot Dog City, assignment help

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