business entrepreneur

business entrepreneur.

Resources for Entrepreneurs” Please respond to the following:

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Overall Rough Business Plan” Please respond to the following:
  • Create a rough outline of a business plan for your approved topic. You can use headings and bullet points to do this. Post your outline for feedback, and make sure to provide feedback for at least two of your peers.

i am planing to open a beauty store specialize in natural hair only

Week 5 Discussion


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“What is your target market?” Please respond to the following:

  • What do you view as your business’s target market? State your product or service and discuss who you believe it would appeal to the most. Then, make sure to give feedback to at least two of your peers regarding their target market.
  • Hello Class, since we are also getting into branding, try this:

Who is Phil Knight?

Describe Zipcar’s value?

What are the following terms?


Private label,

Brand positioning,

Brand equity

W Buffett

business entrepreneur

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