BIO230 CUNY Natural Sciences Department Exam 3 (40 Questions)

1) Which of the following is a recognized function of skeletal muscle?

A) produce movement

B) maintain posture

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C) maintain body temperature

D) All of the answers are correct.

2) Muscle tissue, one of the four basic tissue groups, consists chiefly of cells that are highly

specialized for

A) conduction.

B) contraction.

C) peristalsis.

D) cushioning

3) The dense layer of connective tissue that surrounds an entire skeletal muscle is the

A) tendon.

B) epimysium.

C) endomysium.

D) perimysium.

4) The delicate connective tissue that surrounds the skeletal muscle fibers and ties adjacent

muscle fibers together is the

A) endomysium.

B) perimysium.

C) epimysium.

D) superficial fascia

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