]Behaviors that have made difference

The act that had made a difference in the case study is taking a proactive approach. To keep away from malpractice claims, a nurse is supposed to take the time to appreciate the authorized malpractice principles, and integrate these into nursing practice. However, the nurse should be sure that he or she is familiar as well as in agreement with his/her nurse practice act, the facility’s practices and policies, as well as appropriate care standards linked to his or her practice area. The nurse is supposed to perform merely those skills, which are in his or her scope of practice. Furthermore, he or she is supposed to stay current in the nursing field by attending working programs along with other ongoing education opportunities. Maintenance of openness, honesty, respect, communication remains significant. A nurse is supposed to carry his or her malpractice insurance. With this regard, in case he or she is named in a suit, he or she will have an attorney devoted exclusively to his or her interests. However, without insurance, the nurse must depend on the attorney of the facility, whose first precedence is to protect the facility (Rollnick, Miller & Butler, 2008).

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