Basic Economic Relationship

Basic Economic Relationship.

– Respond to the assigned questions using lessons and vocabulary found in the reading. Support your answer with examples and research and cite your research using APA format.

Respond to the following questions: – Spending by the consumer sector is the driving force in the US economic system. Although the business and govermment sectors make a considerable contribution to the success of the economy it contribution to the success of the economy that determines prosperity or recession in the economy. Do you agree or disagree with this argument? why or why?. Support you answer with examples and references of how the business and government sectors of the economy are crucial in supporting spending by the household sector. How has the spending behavior of the govermment sector changed over past decade, and what effect have these changes had on the economy?. – Decision making in a business environment requires an understanding of marginal and incremental analysis, as well as basic cost and revenue relationships. Explain how a basic understanding of these concepts as well as of managerial economics, can enhance the managerial decision-making process. Support your answer with examples and references. Justify your choices with valid assumptions and logically driven arguments. Cite and sources using APA format. Comment on the postings of two of your classmates. Do you agree with positions? why or why not?. CRITERIA: Writing mechanic (spelling, grammar, APA style and information literacy.

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Basic Economic Relationship

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