Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis DSM-5 Criteria

Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis DSM-5 Criteria.

Please respond to student A. (JM)

Tia, updating the guidelines for students with ASD help increase the number of students that may qualify for service. In my school district, there are many students with ASD, especially boys. I have about 7 boys in my room with ASD and no girls. No, it does not matter who has ASD but the goal is to learn how to service the students.

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Based on your experience, which change was more needed to help validate the needs for students with ASD?

Student B. (LR) After reviewing, “Autism Spectrum Disorders,” the DSM-5 affected the eligibility for special education services in schools for students with autism spectrum disorders by not accurately diagnosing the individuals. According to the American Psychiatric Association (2013) without an accurate diagnosis, clinicians cannot provide a treatment plan for the individuals. Therefore, it is difficult to set a treatment plan and it deeply affects the individual’s educational success and future. Research found that these separate diagnoses were not consistently applied across different clinics and treatment centers. Anyone diagnosed with one of the four pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) from DSM-IV should still meet the criteria for ASD in DSM-5 or another, more accurate DSM-5 diagnosis. While DSM does not outline recommended treatment and services for mental disorders, determining an accurate diagnosis is a first step for a clinician in defining a treatment plan for a patient (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).


“DSM-5 Fact Sheets: Autism Spectrum Disorder,” located under the Updated Disorders heading on the American Psychiatric Association website.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis DSM-5 Criteria

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