Authorship and Guidelines

Author Guidelines Journal Link:
Why would a practicing nurse want to publish? A practicing nurse would want to publish to boost his or her career in nursing. By doing so, the practicing nurse expands his knowledge as well as expertise that he or she has developed in many years of practice. Also, as a practicing nurse gets involved in writing and publishing, he/she gains respect from colleagues and institutes his/her proficiency in the nursing field. (Fraser, 2011).
Comment on the guidelines you’ve attached to your discussion. Point out those things that are familiar and those things that are not.
These author guidelines are tolerable, and any writer can well fit in them. The guidelines have a general information, necessities, appropriate tools, and essential types to help the author in writing, formatting, as well as submitting his work. Things that are familiar: Guidelines for paper writing and specifications and necessities. Those things that are not familiar tools for preparation, forms required for publication and submission requirements.
If you were writing an article today, do you currently have enough information to successfully follow the guidelines? Definitely, at present, I do not have sufficient information to successfully follow the guidelines. The process needs thorough preparation, which I am not. Ideally, an author submission of a document does so on the consideration in which the work has failed to be published beforehand is not being appreciated for publication somewhere else and has been permitted and read by all writers. However, the submission of the manuscript by the authors means that the writers automatically accept to agree to selected journal copyright regulations and at the time the document is acknowledged for publication (Axelrod & Windell, 2012).
Axelrod, B. N., & Windell, J. (2012). Dissertation solutions: A concise guide to planning, implementing, and surviving the dissertation process. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
Fraser, R. (2011). The Nurse’s Social Media Advantage: How Making Connections and Sharing Ideas Can Enhance Your Nursing Career. Cape Town: Sigma Theta Tau.

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