The nervous system is anatomically divided up into the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). You will create a PowerPoint® presentation on the nervous system disease or disorder you randomly select. The guidelines for the PowerPoint® are below. You will complete one single PowerPoint document is to be submitted as the final product. Make certain to include a fully developed description of the topic, all cells, tissues, and organs involved as well as all processes and consequences.

Select a nervous system topic to complete this week’s PowerPoint® project.  The topics that can be covered for this assignment are below.

  • Nervous Tissue
  • Electrophysiology of Neurons
  • Neuronal Synapses
  • Neurotransmitters with functional Groups of Neurons


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1.  PowerPoint® presentations should be between 15-20 slides (not including title slide and reference slides)

2.  You should submit a final copy of the PowerPoint® to the dropbox.

3.  Follow APA guidelines for references (utilize parenthetical citations on each slide)

4.  Utilize the notes section (below each slide) to elaborate, writing as if you were relaying what you would say in an oral presentation.

5.   The layout of the PowerPoint® should be as follows:

  1. Title Slide (1 slide)
  2. Introductory Slides (what is this disease or disorder in general?) (2-3 slides)
  3. Signs and Symptoms (4-5 slides)
  4. Cell types or nervous system structures affected (3-4 slides)
  5. Treatment options (3-4 slides)
  6. Prognosis of those affected (Quality of life and lifespan after diagnosis) (4-5 slides)
  7. Reference slides (as many as needed)
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