Adolescent Obesity in African American

Childhood obesity is a severe medical condition that poses significant threats to health of African American adolescents and children. It develops when a child gains more weight that is above his age and height. The major contributors to childhood obesity include lack of physical exercises and irregular eating habits. Obesity leads to development of other diseases including diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol problem. Although obesity affects individuals in all ethnic and racial populations in the United States, it is prevalent among African Americans. The prevalence of obesity among African American adolescents can be minimized through monitoring of diet appropriately and engaging in physical exercises (Witherspoon, Latta, Wang & Black, 2013).
This paper seeks to conduct an appraisal of the peer-reviewed articles that provide a description of obesity and that support the proposed solution.
Literature Sources

Alio, A. P., Salihu, H. M., Berrings, T. J., Gramling, M. D., Burton, J. A., Gayles, T. A., & Jackson, T. R. (2006). Obesity research and the forgotten African American child. Ethnicity & disease, 16(2), 569-575.
This article describes obesity as a nutritional problem that affects children, adolescents and adults in the United States.
The article provides statistical information reveals that obesity in African Americans is high in all age groups. It shows that 20.55 of the African Americans between 6-19 years are overweight.

The article provides rate of occurrence of obesity is rampant among the African American population and this is due to failure of researchers to conduct adequate research on this community in order to find solutions to address the problem.

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The article supports my proposed solution
Allen, D., Belcher, H. M., Young, A., Gibson, L. W., Colantuoni, E., & Trent, M. (2016). BMI, Body Image, Emotional Well-Being and Weight-Control Behaviors in Urban African American Adolescents. International journal of child health and nutrition, 5(3), 55.

i.            The article describes obesity as a health disparity that affects African American adolescents and might follow them into adulthood.
ii.            The article provides statistical information indicates that there is limited data on the public health interventions on emotional-wellbeing, body image and weight control behaviors.
iii.            The article explains that there is lack of adequate data thus reflects on the gravity of obesity among African American populations.
iv.            The article points out that obesity contributes to depression thus affecting emotional-well being of the general population.
v.            The article supports my proposed change.

Anyoha, S. N., & Nneka, S. (2015). A Childhood Obesity Intervention For African American and Latino Children. University of Massachusetts. Retrieved on 4th October 2016 from:

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